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Dream of a Cake and we'll bake it!

Saturday, 12th February 2011

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The Cake Dreams Blog

February 2011




Welcome to the new Cake Dreams Blog. While my Blog may be new, Cake Dreams most certainly is not. Working from my customised kitchen in North London, I have been turning fantasies into cakes for over 11 years.  I have whisked, mixed, frosted & decorated thousands of cakes for birthdays, weddings & anniversaries of all kinds. Believe me there have been some very wild designs indeed, that is what makes the work such fun.


It all started way back when with a single birthday cake and it seems like just a few weeks ago. It was a shark jumping out of the water for the boy next door. His excitement was my inspiration. Over the years I’ve made just about any character or activity into birthday cakes. I have some kids I’ve known all the way from their christening cake to their 14th birthday this year. I’d say the very best ‘perk’ of my job is the birthday child, squealing at the doorbell or peering from the window, waiting for my cake/ their cake to arrive! I can still feel their excitement just before I ring the doorbell.


Its not just kid’s birthday cakes at Cake Dreams! I relish the challenge of the adult’s birthday or celebration cake. That part of the creative challenge really keeps me going. One of my earliest was to copy a photo of a Husband, napping on his sofa, remote control in hand.  Its still one of my favourites.  There have been bowls of salad & bowls of chips. Cakes decorated with ‘raining men’ for a saucy birthday bash & a Hugh Heffner fantasy complete with bikini girls! I’ve even made 3 flying ducks (except they were pigeons- it’s a long story…). I love making cakes from a new (different) idea.


Cake Dreams is also all about Cupcakes! At the moment I’m up to my elbows in cupcakes (see my Valentine’s Blog).  Cupcakes are very popular with kids to take to school here in north London-no need to cut the cake! Cupcakes or fondant fancies make a unique alternative to wedding cakes. Individually wrapped, cupcakes make lovely gifts for party guests.


By the way it’s not just North London that can experience the Cake Dreams love, some of my most loyal clients are south, west and east.  So you can squeal with delight at the  delicious cakes & cupcakes however you want them to look, all over this great city of ours!