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One Direction

Monday, 15th December 2014

One Direction Cake

Take one immensely succesful boyband, a bowl and some sugar, water and cream of tartar dough-like mixture. What do you get? Every young girl's Cake Dream - One Direction in all their adorable yummy fondant glory!

Fondant icing is basically made from sugar, water and liquid glucose / syrup - there are countless different recipes online including vegetarian and vegan varieties. The ingredients are boiled together until you reach the 'soft ball stage' - drop a spoonful into a bowl of cold water and test its rollability. Knead into a smooth dough. Now is the time to add any colourings or flavours maing sure they are evenly distributed. Get ready to create, you can roll it out, cut it, impress on it, create color effects and mould to any shape ... play-doh you can eat!