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Cake Dreams FAQs

Q. How do I order a cake?
A. Cakes can only be ordered by phone. As the cakes are personal I need to talk in detail with you about the design/recipient.

Q. How far in advance do I need to order?
A. At least one week in advance (but it’s always worth checking to see if short notice is possible).

Q. What size are the cakes? How many people will the cake feed?
A. The cakes are as big or small as you need. Tell me the amount of guests and it will be made and priced accordingly.

Q. What does a Cake Dream cost?
A. Prices start at £45 for a small, simple cake (feeds 8-10).

Q. Can I put a photo on a cake?
A. Yes. You can send a photo via email and it is transferred to a thin sheet of fondant icing which is applied to the iced cake.

Q: Does the cake need to be refrigerated?
No. The fondant icing cannot go in the refrigerator. The cake stays happily in its box in a cool place until needed (4-5 days if you have any leftovers).

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Ordering & Deliveries

To get a quote or to order a cake call with the number of people you would like to feed and your ideas. Together we will come up with a design. As all cakes are bespoke, they are priced individually based on size and design.

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