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Cake Dreams

  • Cupcakes made in North London for Valentines Day

    valentine cupcakes made in north london

    Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2011.   Valentine cupcakes home-baked in North London.   Cake numbers 2451 and 2452.                             Valentine’s day isn’t known for its cake related celebration but this year was different - 300 pink & white cupcakes  home-baked in North London!! The 1st 100 cupcakes were for an 18th birthday bash in Elstree, Herts. (Yes delivery can be...  View This »

  • Dream of a Cake and we'll bake it!

    birthday cake north london

    The Cake Dreams Blog February 2011   Welcome   Welcome to the new Cake Dreams Blog. While my Blog may be new, Cake Dreams most certainly is not. Working from my customised kitchen in North London, I have been turning fantasies into cakes for over 11 years.  I have whisked, mixed, frosted & decorated thousands of cakes for birthdays, weddings & anniversaries of all kinds. Believe me there...  View This »